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Recognised as one of the most dangerous acts in its genre , THE WHEEL OF DEATH , is a breath ​ taking aerial act preformed 15 metres above the ground without any safety aids . Powered only by the two artists Nikolay Karakolev and Ivan Mladenov and on its own axis as Duo SIFOLINIS perform a series of leaps , handstands , rope skipping and even walking blindfolded inside and on the outside of the metal mesh cages at either end. The Wheel of Death ​ also known as The Wheel of Steel in USA , and Todesrad in Germany ​ is rarely prerformed as it not only requires artists of distinction and courage but also perfect team work to keep the wheel rotating at exactly the correct speed for each gravity ​ defying manoeuvre.

Total concentration , perfect balance and orientation are the hallmarks of this outstanding act as it is impossible to use safety harnesse or safety nets because there is no way of anchoring any safety equipment on a constantly revolving aerial ring thus making Duo SIFOLINIS Wheel of Death one of the most popular and thrilling aerial acts of its kind.


2014 - circus of Budapest Fovárosi Nagycirkusz (hungary)

2013 - circus Vegas ( united kingdom) , Grand Cirque de Noël de Toulouse (france)

2012 - circus Starr ( united kingdom) , Edinburgh International Circus Festival ( united kingdom) , CIRQUE DE NOËL ORLÉANS (france)

2011 - circus Dannebrog (denmark) , Fête Lilloise du Cirque (france)

2010 - American Circus (united kingdom) , europa park winter circus

2009 - circus Merano (norway) , Fête Lilloise du Cirque (france) , Winter circus Eindhoven Kerstwintercircus (holland)

2008 - Cirque Surreal ( united kingdom) , winter circus - Limburgs Kerstcircus (holland)

2007 - circus GLOBUS (romania) , Cirque Surreal ( united kingdom) , winter circus Offenburg (germany)

2006 - circus Merano (norway) , Cirque Surreal ( united kingdom) , europian circus festival LIEGE (belgium)

2005 - circus AMAR (france) , Europian circus festival ENSCHEDE (holland)

2004 - circus Flic Flac (germany)

2003 - circus Flic Flac (germany)


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